What is this?

WET.FM is a brand new way to experience live music - join fans of your favorite bands and artists, and the artists themselves in our 3D live music venue, all from the comfort of your own home.

So, what is WET.FM?

WET.FM is an online community inside an entire universe of virtual worlds, built around the idea of sharing experiences listening to live music performances - we've paired the latest in graphics and hyperspace technology with our own systems for streaming music to bring you as close the performers as the internet can take you.

What can I do here?

WET.FM is where music and friends collide with the technology to make you the star of your own show. Here you are the captain of your own interstellar party ship. Here you are the master of your own destiny. Here you are the maker of music, the commander of the heavens. Here you are in control of how you see the worlds, and how they see you back.


    Customize your character. Pick out some good dance animations. And give our music visualzer a try-all while listening to your favorite bands and DJs play live. Gone are the days where you have to be in the same town, country, or even on the same planet where the performance is taking place. Just log in, and get your dance on.
    Have you ever partied on a glass dance floor perched over an erupting volcano? Ever thrown a party on the moon? With your own Quantum Party Vessel, you can customize your own music-powered party pad-then take it to the far reaches of the universe.
    Play music with your friends.
    Take turns uploading tracks and playing them for your friends. Vote on them, and impress everyone with your wicked good musical taste.
    In WET.FM, it's all about you. Star in a custom music video that you control. You choose how your avatar looks. You choose the dances. You choose where to place the camera, how it captures your image, how your avatar is lighted, even the colors used to set the mood. It's like nothing else you've ever done at a party.